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Buy Cannabis In London. London growers enjoy a milder climate than many other areas in the UK. That allows the choice of a wide selection of outdoor feminised seeds and autoflower strains for the guerrilla growers. But most London growers tend to cultivate their crops indoors.

Cannabis is freely available in the London area even though it remains illegal. In 2021 Lord Mayor Sadiq Khan announced an independent drugs commission will investigate the potential health, economic and criminal justice benefits to decriminalising cannabis in the Greater London area. Maybe Londoners will pave the way for the rest of the UK!

Most London growers focus on THC rich strains for indoor growing. But London also has an increasingly sophisticated market for medical cannabis products. CBD rich cannabis strains are available as well as the more typical THC rich strains.

With more grow shops, head shops and seed resellers than anywhere else in the UK, London growers enjoy a wide choice when buying cannabis seeds and setting up a grow room. Many London growers traditionally buy their seeds direct from seed banks such as Dutch Passion, guaranteeing the freshest seeds.

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Buy Cannabis In London. Most London growers choose THC rich autoflower seeds and/or THC rich photoperiod feminised cannabis seeds for indoor cultivation. But a significant minority also grow CBD rich cannabis seeds for the expanding and increasingly knowledgeable community of medical cannabis users in and around London.

Over recent years autoflower seeds have become particularly popular. The fast grow cycles remain attractive to growers of all types, with novice growers often finding autoflower seeds perhaps a little easier to grow

Best indoor cannabis seeds selection for London

Londoners that love a powerful and uncompromisingly satisfying high will find the following recommendations particularly to their liking. The following list of indoor cannabis seeds are all part of the exclusive Extremely High THC cannabis seed collection. This is the top dozen or so strains with the highest lab-proven THC levels. In good grow rooms you can expect 20%-25% THC, or more!, from these top-drawer recommendations.