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Buy Cannabis in Orlando. Trulieve Orlando opened in November of 2017 in Orange County and furnishes the surrounding cities of Apopka, Rosemont, Fairview Shores, College Park, and Princeton with high-quality medical THC and CBD cannabis products. Trulieve offers a wide array of marijuana products that includes RSO, tinctures, various edibles, smokable flower, concentrates, and more. Our dispensary is located of off S Orange Blossom Trl and Lake Breeze Dr in between BP and Trail Saw & Mower. This was our first dispensary in the Orlando area, but we now have a total of 4 locations in Orlando, so if one store doesn’t have what you’re looking for, the others may. Being in one of the most scenic parts of the city, we’re just five miles from Mead Botanical Garden and Harry P Leu Gardens. Orlando is located in central Florida about an hour and a half northeast of Tampa and is one of the most renowned vacation destinations in the country and attracts visitors from across the globe. This hub for entertainment and culture is famous for Disney World, Universal Studios, and SeaWorld.

Order Cannabis In Orlando

Just because you have a medicinal card doesn’t mean you can just call up your source down in Kendall and it’s all hunky-dory with the cops. You can only buy medical marijuana in Florida at a state-approved dispensary. There are over 200 statewide (even in the panhandle), run by fourteen licensed companies. You must buy from one of them, or you can be cited by police even if your marijuana is legally prescribed. Get pulled over with your state-approved THC oil, and you’ll need to show the cops your card AND proof you bought it at a licensed dispensary, or it’s a long night of bologna sandwiches and ice-cold AC for you.

What can I buy at a Florida dispensary?

This is not Snoop Dogg’s CVS. You’re not rolling in armed with your prescription and picking up an ounce of bud like it’s Seattle and you’re on your lunch break. Hell, you’re not even picking up a package of minty-delicious brownies like in some other medicinally legal states. What you’re getting now are extracts, oils, tinctures, and/or whole flower smokable marijuana. You can buy up to 2.5 ounces of whole flower cannabis every 35 days.

But Russell says it still won’t be as simple to buy as it is in other states. “Florida dispensaries are not Colorado dispensaries,” he says. “The product isn’t in a glass jar for examination. It’s packaged up tightly in containers you cannot see into, and sold by strain and weight so the patient isn’t sorting through the jar for their best-looking choice of product.”

The law also allows patients to buy “delivery devices” for their smokable pot — those are pipes and bongs to you and me. And you must still follow all public smoking laws, so you can’t just light up in the middle of a conference room and tell everyone you’re “taking your medication,” giving everyone a big wink-wink to everyone at the table.

Rules on edibles are coming at some point, but the Department of Health doesn’t exactly have that as its top priority right now. So don’t hold your breath. Or, do, if you think it works better.