Where to Get Marijuana in Hawaii

Buy Marijuana In Hawaii. Aloha, everybody! The Gentleman has just returned from visiting every medical cannabis dispensary currently open in Hawaii. And I have thoughts! Make that several. Prepare your listening eyes and butts for a direct-to-brain download, Neo! You won’t learn kung fu, but you will know everything I’ve learned about Hawaii dispensaries and exactly how to get weed in Hawaii.

Best of Hawaiian Weed Quick Links:

Looking for Recreational Weed in Hawaii?

How To Buy Weed In Hawaii

Buy Marijuana In Hawaii. The awesome thing about Hawaii is they have instituted a medical marijuana reciprocity program that accepts cards from any other state’s medical program in the US!

But only if you have one of the conditions allowed under Hawaii law- you can find that list here. It includes chronic pain, severe/chronic muscle spasms, severe nausea, PTSD, and another 9 conditions that you’ll find in most programs. So you’re probably good.

Wait, no, the awesome thing is how easy it is to sign up as an out of state patient to apply for their Hawaii 329 medical cannabis card! All you gotta do is fill out a quick form on their website, upload pics of my documents, and pay the $49.50 fee.

They ask that you sign up no earlier than 60 days prior to your trip. I signed up, like, two weeks ahead of my trip, on March 29. Approval email came in April 1. Bingo bango, baby!

Unfortunately for their many international visitors, Hawaii only accepts medical marijuana cards from the US for now.

Marijuana Dispensary Hawaii Info

Interesting points about Hawaii’s dispensaries you should know:

  • The stores are completely vertically integrated by law. That means they must grow their own flower, process it in-house, and sell it from their own storefront.
  • The Hawaii dispensaries can not grow their flower outside! That means you won’t find the tropical strains you’d expect- except in one special case. Word is they are pushing for permission to use a greenhouse. Fingers crossed!
  • In-state Hawaii patients can grow their own cannabis plants (up to 10 at a time). That means they’re not locked into the retail system, which forces the shops to compete with their own patients. An elegant, if not entirely perfect, solution!
  • You can’t legally travel with Hawaii medical cannabis between the different islands! You have to use what you purchase where you purchased it.
  • It’s also freaking illegal to take pics inside a Hawaii dispensary. Yikes! So I don’t have any from the inside. I’m not that special just cuz I’m a weed jerk on the internet. Apparently.
  • Hawaii’s thirteen open dispensaries are scattered on four different islands- Maui, Kauai, Hawaii (Big Island), & Oahu.

Which Hawaii Dispensary Should I Visit?

If you’re on Oahu, you can find all my favorite stuff between NOA Botanicals and Cure Oahu. Aloha Green has the better deals- you can get 10% off there without having to spend over a specific threshold.

As far as best Maui dispensary I love Maui Grown Therapies enough to recommend them as a destination dispensary. buy pill online Maui is less hectic than Oahu, too. If you just want to relax on the beach after enjoying some premium Hawaiian cannabis, Maui is the move.

If you’re traveling strictly for ganja, you can skip the other Hawaii medical marijuana dispensaries. But if you’re gonna be on Big Island or Kauai anyway, B.I.G. and Green Aloha will take decent care of you.