Where To Buy Weed In Cork

Buy Weed In Cork. First things first, weed is still illegal in Ireland so keep that in mind. The police are pretty relaxed about it and if caught in possession you will only receive a warning. Don’t be worried about undercover officers trying to sell you weed its a lot more likely the dealer will just be trying to rip you off if anything.

Cork is a bustling city so you wont have any problem finding weed during your stay here. Just head into the city center and ask one of the groups of lads chilling to help you out, if this fails you can always head over to the university’s or ask a homeless person top point you in the right direction.Buy Weed In Ireland

If you dont have any luck then the two methods below will make your stay a lot better.

Cannabis in Cork

Where to get cannabis in Cork. Cork is Ireland’s second-largest city, after Dublin. Although it is not the largest city, it has its own unique appeal and a vibrant nightlife. Cork isn’t the best spot in the world for cannabis, and it’s often difficult to find if you aren’t a native. Continue reading for a comprehensive guide to weed in Cork.

Order weed in Cork

The cops are pretty harsh on dealers, so it won’t be very easy to find weed in Cork. Your best bet is to go out and walk a couple of laps around the pubs and clubs at night. There is a decent chance that you’ll be offered coke or weed. Do not buy any hard drugs as that is very illegal and usually super bad quality. Hash is hard to find and also not worth to bother with.

Cannabis laws in Ireland

Cannabis is illegal in Ireland.  if you are caught twice, you will be punished. You could get a fine or a warning. However if you are found with cannabis for the third time you will be prosecuted. The fine will be heavier and you could also spend upto 2 years in jail. It’s best not to smoke in public or touristy areas because they’re densely crowded with cops. Spending time in  parks surrounding Dublin is the greatest and most secure smoke to smoke cannabis without getting into problems.

Despite the lenient laws, you should exercise caution and refrain from smoking in public places. If you are apprehended by the police, be kind and they will typically return the favor. To prevent more significant penalty, you should never carry more than a couple of grams on you.