A guide to buying Weed in  Utrecht

Buy Weed In Utrecht. The Netherlands has long been Europe’s cultural home of cannabis. Amsterdam has welcomed cannabis lovers for decades. With a large selection of coffeeshops and a tempting array of varieties, many cannabis tourists love visiting The Netherlands. While you are in The Netherlands, it helps to know the best ways to enjoy buying quality cannabis.

Enjoy ‘totally legal’ Weed in Utrecht (?)

If you do manage to visit Amsterdam, or any other Dutch city you should love the quality of the best cannabis on the menus. But it is a popular misconception to think that cannabis is totally legal. In reality cannabis use is tolerated, as are coffeeshop cannabis sales of under 5g. But cannabis itself remains illegal. All the cannabis bought by the coffeeshops is bought from black market sources. Many people hope that The Netherlands will lead the way with a future system of licensed cannabis production. But right now, despite decades of official tolerance there is still no general legal right to grow or use cannabis. Many pro-cannabis groups want to change that in the coming years.Buy Weed In The USA.

Buying cannabis from the streets or the coffee shops?

Buy Weed In Utrecht. One of the reasons that the Dutch introduced the coffee shop system in the 1970’s was to separate the purchase of soft drugs from hard drugs. Of the 443 local municipalities in The Netherlands, over 100 have at least one coffeeshop. Some places, such as Amsterdam, have many coffeeshops. In the coffeeshop you will be able to buy cannabis safely from the menu. Buying cannabis from a street dealer is definitely not recommended. Nor is it necessary when you have a coffeeshop. If you want to know what cannabis varieties are available in the Dutch coffeeshops, you can check out the coffeeshop menus online here.

Prices of cannabis and hash in coffeeshops.

Prices do vary a lot, and high prices are not a guarantee of quality. Cannabis prices can vary from €6 per gram to upwards or €20 per gram. Many of the mid-range varieties are available for around €10-€12 per gram. If you like hash then you can expect some top quality selections in the coffeeshops. Some hash is produced in The Netherlands, and some is claimed to originate in places such as Morocco, Nepal and Afghanistan. You can expect a range of colors from cream to black. Prices for hash tend to be a little higher than weed, with basic quality hash starting at around €10 per gram. The best ‘isolator’ hash can cost up to €40 per gram