How to Order Marijuana Online   Michigan

Order Marijuana Online michigan. What if buying marijuana was as simple as clicking a button?

Back in 2018, the state of Michigan legalized both medical and recreational marijuana. There are plenty of ways to purchase cannabis, but given the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, you may not love the idea of walking around and entering several different dispensaries.

But here’s the good news: it’s very easy to buy cannabis online michigan. Keep reading to discover everything you need to know!

Buy marijuana Online Michigan With a Reputable Website

Order Marijuana Online michigan. At first, the ability to buy cannabis online may seem too good to be true. But once you get past the excitement, you have to figure out where to order your cannabis from.

That is because some dispensaries are better than others. And for that matter, some dispensary websites are easier to use than others, especially for first-time buyers.

If you want a reliable site that is very user-friendly, look no further than The River. Not only do we have everything that you need, but we are ready and waiting to bring it right to your door!

Before you place an order, you may wonder whether you need to have any paperwork ready. Fortunately, the paperwork for this process couldn’t be easier!

Whether you are purchasing recreational marijuana or medical marijuana, you are going to need to present a government-issued identification card such as a driver’s license. This helps us verify that you are at least 21 and legally allowed to purchase cannabis.

If you’re buying recreational cannabis, then such an ID is all that you need. But if you’re buying medical cannabis, then you will also need to present your medical marijuana card to the delivery driver (if you are having marijuana delivered) or to the dispensary (if you are picking up your online order).

Determine What You Want To

Order Marijuana Online michigan. Now that those details are out of the way, here’s the fun part: figuring out which products you want to buy!

Many cannabis fans still use the term “smoking weed.” And if you are new to buying cannabis in Michigan, you may think that you can only purchase flower to smoke.

But while we do offer flower, we also offer vape pens, concentrates, tinctures, and edibles. In other words, if you don’t like the idea of actually smoking marijuana, you can always buy cannabis edibles online or whatever other products you would prefer!

Choosing the Right Strain

Are you relatively new to marijuana? If so, then your first online cannabis orders are going to be a process of trial and error.

That is because cannabis comes in three basic strains. The first is India, which some fans have nicknamed “in da couch.” That is because this strain is very relaxing, and it can help you to mellow out and sleep.

The second strain is Sativa, which some fans have nicknamed “sunny Sativa.” That is because this strain is more energetic, which is great if you are hosting a party. And this strain can also help you with creative endeavors (including writing and painting) without putting you to sleep.

Finally, you can buy hybrid strains. These are strains that mix the two previous strains together in differing amounts. It will take some time for you to determine which strains you prefer (and if you prefer hybrid, it will take time to determine which ratio of Indica to Sativa that you prefer).

Don’t Forget To Check Out the Discounts

One of the best things you’ll discover when you first buy cannabis online in Michigan is how affordable the different products are. But what if you could save even more money?

Every week, there are different deals and specials that we are running. This provides you with a chance to save a bit of money while also sampling products you may never have tried before.

Best of all, there is a New Customer Special available. All you have to do is sign up for our mailing list and you can then knock $20 off an order of $100 or more!

Easy Delivery Options

You always have the option of ordering cannabis online and then picking it up from our dispensary. But the most convenient option is to have your order delivered right to your front door!

Part of what makes this convenient is that we handle delivery to several cities across mid-Michigan. You don’t have to worry about arranging some kind of thirty-party delivery service. Just tell us what you want and we will bring it directly to your door!

This delivery process is easy and convenient. But to make things even easier, there are a few things you need to know about the delivery process.

Cannabis Delivery Details

Wondering what the cannabis delivery process is like? Here’s some good news: it’s pretty much just like ordering food deliveries online!

For example, after you place your order, it usually arrives within 30-60 minutes. So long as you order within our operating hours (10 AM and 7:30 PM), you should be able to quickly get your order. But if you order after 7:30 PM, you won’t receive your order until the next day.

Keep in mind that our delivery drivers cannot leave the product, so you must be there to receive it. And as we noted before, you will be required to present your ID (and medical card if this is a medical marijuana delivery) and pay with cash.